How to install Solitaire on Windows 8 Real money instantsino slots

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Have you missed it enough? Well, Microsoft’s Solitaire is available on Windows 8 through the metro apps system. Therefore, in order to install Microsoft Solitaire on Windows 8, you must use the following steps:

1. Hit she Start button from your keyboard in order to start the Metro Interface

2. Go to Store

3. Type Microsoft Solitaire Collection and click on the result

4. Install the game for free

5. Note that you will need a microsoft account in order to play, but that is also free.

Solitaire Windows 8 (2)

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2 thoughts on “How to install Solitaire on Windows 8 Real money instantsino slots

  1. anthony sacco

    I swear if you do not make it easy for me to easily go to solar tare and chess i’m sending this computer back and get my money back and I mean it

  2. anthony sacco

    I want solitaire and chess on this computer like I had with micro 7 AND MAKE IT EASY FOR ME , UNDERSTAND


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